Tv Cookery Shows Inspire A Wave Of Kitchen Updates

25 July 2016

  • One in three adults has made significant kitchen purchases in the past three years(1)
  • Sainsbury’s Bank is currently offering a representative rate of 3.3% APR on loans £7,500 to £19,999 until 10am Thursday 30 June(2)

Over half of UK adults (54%) have become more interested in cooking in the past three years, inspired by celebrity chefs and amateur cookery programmes such as Masterchef and Great British Bake Off, according to new findings(1) from Sainsbury’s Bank Loans.

This heightened interest in cooking is particularly marked amongst younger adults, with three quarters (74%) of 18-34 year olds saying they have caught the cookery bug in the past three years. Apart from the necessity of having to cook more for themselves (42%), the most popular reason for the increase in popularity is being inspired by participants in amateur cookery programmes (28%), slightly higher than those who are inspired by celebrity TV chefs (25%). One in ten (9%) have been inspired to cook by Youtube chefs(1).

Amateur chefs investing in high-end kitchens

This cookery-mania has led to a third of UK adults (31%) investing an average of £3,816 in their kitchens in the past three years. Of this group, one in three (32%) has bought an entirely new kitchen and one in four (26%) has invested in a double-door fridge freezer. Almost one in five (18%) has bought a Range cooker. Other high-end kitchen purchases include ice makers (16%), granite worktops (16%), wine fridges (10%), warming draws (10%), indoor barbecues (8%), in-wall cappuccino makers (7%) and sous vide machines (6%)(1).

Would-be chefs are also investing in al fresco cooking, with 8% of kitchen investors having bought a pizza oven(1).

While 58% of kitchen investors used some savings for their kitchen purchases and 20% used money from their monthly salary, many have chosen to borrow money to finance their purchases. Almost one in five (18%) used a credit card, 11% made a purchase on a finance agreement and 9% took out a personal loan(1).

The findings follow recent analysis of Sainsbury’s Bank’s own loans book(3) which revealed that since launching personal loans of up to £35,000 in October 2014, 42% of customers taking out a loan have cited home improvements as the major reason for it. The supermarket bank recently increased the amount which can be borrowed from £35,000 to £40,000 and extended the term from five to seven years.

Simon Ranson, Head of Banking, Sainsbury’s Bank says: “TV chefs and amateur cookery programmes are family viewing staples nowadays and with lots of inspired home cooks, it is important that anyone looking to borrow money to improve their kitchen shops  around for the most competitive source of finance, which could significantly reduce their monthly repayments.”

The nation’s favourite celebrity chefs

With celebrity chefs playing a big part in inspiring the UK’s interest in cooking, the research also reveals that James Martin is the nation’s favourite TV chef, particularly popular amongst women and those aged 55 and over.

Jamie Oliver took second place, followed by Gordon Ramsay, the Hairy Bikers and Mary Berry. Gino d’Acampo was three times as popular amongst women as amongst men, and Nigella Lawson a more popular choice amongst men.

Sainsbury’s Bank is currently offering a representative rate of 3.3% APR on loans £7,500 to £19,999 until 10am Thursday 30 June(2). For further information on Sainsbury’s Bank Loans (including eligibility criteria) visit or pick up a leaflet instore at Sainsbury’s.


This press release is information for journalists only and is not intended to be a promotion to be acted upon by consumers. Rates and information correct as at DATE 2016.

Notes to Editors

  1. Sainsbury’s Bank commissioned Opinium Research to survey 2,006 nationally representative UK adults aged 18+ between 29th April to 3rd May 2016. Opinium Research is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules
  2. Correct as of 17.05.16
  1. Analysis of Sainsbury’s Bank LoansAdditional data tables

Significant kitchen purchases in the past three years

Kitchen purchase Percentage of those who have made a significant kitchen purchase in the past three years who have invested in this
Entirely new kitchen 32%
Double door fridge freezer 26%
Range cooker 18%
Ice maker 16%
Granite worktops 16%
Walk-in pantry 11%
Wine fridge 10%
Warming draws 10%
Indoor barbecue 8%
In-wall cappuccino maker 7%
Sous vide machine 6%

The UK’s favourite celebrity chefs

Ranking Overall favourites Men’s favourites Women’s favourites
1 James Martin James Martin James Martin
2 Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay Jamie Oliver
3 Gordon Ramsay Hairy bikers Gino d’Acampo
4 Hairy Bikers Jamie Oliver Mary Berry
5 Mary Berry Nigella Lawson Gordon Ramsay
6 Gino d’Acampo Rick Stein Hairy Bikers
7 Nigella Lawson Mary Berry Rik Stein
8 Rik Stein Michel Roux Jr Nigella Lawson
9 Michel Roux Junior Gino d’Acampo = Michel Roux Jr
10 Tom Kerridge Ainsley Harriott = Delia Smith
11 Delia Smith Tom Kerridge = Paul Hollywood
12 Ainsley Harriott Delia Smith Tom Kerridge
13 Paul Hollywood Heston Blumenthal Heston Blumenthal
14 Heston Blumenthal John Torode Ainsley Harriott
15 John Torode Paul Hollywood John Torode